Top notch design skills, fresh illustration ability and

excellent work ethics are characteristics I've come to count on when working with E. When it comes to E's work, I expect to be impressed - and time after time, they deliver. But it's not just their work that is impressive. It's their drive and love for design that sets them apart. E will jump at the chance to help her coworkers at any opportunity. If/when I get to work with E again, I will consider myself lucky.”

Tye Fussell • VP, Associate Creative Director, Coyne Beahm Shouse

E injected an incredible amount of visual and conceptual integrity into the work we produced for our

clients. The work they did while with our company helped us to win two W3 awards as well as several Ad Club awards. They worked well as part of the team; contributing to the group and also considering the contributions of others.”

Jackie Peters • Founding Partner, Heavybag Media

I cannot recommend E highly enough.

They could always be counted on to deliver strategically correct, beautifully crafted designed solutions to any problem we threw at them. From the hairiest hundred page style guides to whimsical agency holiday mailers, E hit home runs. It is also worth noting that they are also a self sacrificing, team player, willing to help out on anything, anytime.”

John Sowinski • Creative Director, Coyne Beahm Shouse

E Henderson is one of those pleasant rarities in

the business - a great designer who understands (and excels) in the digital space. I admire their relentless drive to build brands the right way. E is a joy to work with, and I would recommend them to any brand or company who is seeking an enthusiastic designer/Senior Art Director who will not compromise quality for "the easy way out." E is not only an "A-list colleague," they're a friend. They will undoubtedly prove to be a valuable asset to organizations that they choose to engage.”

Ian Andersen • Account Director, Coyne Beahm Shouse

E's creativity is reliably impressive.

It was always great working with E. When designing for Robotube Games, we'd only give them our basic vision, and they'd come back with something that always blew us away. There's nothing better than those sorts of creative people that just wind-up and go!”

Jason Cirillo • CCO, Robotube Games

E is an incredibly gifted designer and is extremely detail oriented. They constantly offer new and exciting

ideas that add that extra "wow" to the entire project. Excellent time management skills and a great personality that really makes the work environment better with them being around.”

Steven O'Neill • Associate Creative Director for Interactive Services,
Coyne Beahm Shouse

E's largest strength, aside from their growing repertoire of break-dance moves, is their ability to

produce technically perfect, stellar looking work, without taking shortcuts that cause problems down the line. They are an impeccably organized self-starter, who can efficiently teach themselves any few skills they lack. They manage their time better than most clocks, and they keep a smile on their face when up against even the largest deadlines. E also has a lot of sweet t-shirts and shoes. They are not a jerk. They are punctual. And they can fit into very tiny spaces.”

Ritchie Rozzelle • Copywriter, Coyne Beahm Shouse